TVELC Central Office

Curriculum Guide

"We all have the duty to call attention to the science and seriousness of early childhood cognitive development - because the years between birth and age five are the foundation upon which successful lives are built." Laura Bush, July 2001

The first five years of life is a period of rapid development for young children. We know that young children learn through active, direct experiences and play and not from teacher-directed, drill-based instruction. We know that children learn skills and concepts on very different paths and timetables in the early years; and one size does not fit all with young kids. Although development will follow a somewhat predictable sequence, each child's development will be unique. Our programs use the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards as the basis for our teaching and a guide for how a child's learning is progressing as they learn and grow. We have tailored our curriculum to meet the needs of each child individually. We learn about the child's prior knowledge and provide real life, hands on, active learning opportunities to expand their thinking and give them a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning.